The Right Tools For The Job

Proper grooming requires precision engineered tools. Not only do a man's sensitive areas require it, but hygiene demands it.

  • For professionals, precise, smooth cutting with ease.

  • Trimming in the shower is easy and can create less mess. Comfortably operate the APESCAPE trimmer in wet or dry conditions.

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Proof! It's Waterproof!

APESCAPE Trimmers are IPX7 rated which means they are fully protected from dust and can handle being underwater for up to 30 minutes at a depth of one meter

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Rapid charging, long runtime

Convenient charging dock powered by USB charges li-ion batteries for up to 90 minutes of use.

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  • Complete manscaping

    Replaceable ceramic blades featuring SkinSafe technology are set back from the edge and precision-engineered for maximum confidence while trimming below-the-waist.

  • Save time

    Not sure about the bleeding reviews! Our customers do close shaves and haven’t clipped theirselves yet. You just need to operate the product as described here.

  • Save money

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  • No waste

    The product quality is stable and has won unanimous praise from many customers.

  • Easy to use

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  • Reliable Quality

    Product quality has passed CCC, CE, FCC, RoHS, FCC and other certifications, and also meets European and American import standards.

  • Kate Booth

    I did a lot of research before deciding which trimmer to buy and I’m so glad I finally took a chance on this product. Except for minor drawbacks, the blades are safe and easy to clean as they are easily detached. The battery life has been great. The USB port makes the device easily chargeable with almost any charger you already have around.

  • Christian Haught

    It saves you a lot of money. Instead of paying for lots of manual razors to get clean shaves, use this device to cut the hair as short as possible, then use a manual razor and run over the area once or twice to get clean shaves. This trimmer is watreproof and the blades can be cleaned perfectly as they easily pop off.

  • Felix Paul

    I’m a hairy dude. I had to run over the area multiple times and was used to dealing with my hair being pulled ☹. This trimmer needs only one pass to get the job done so I spend less time manscaping. 

    Also, I love that I don’t need to carry a charging system for my trimmer wherever I go. I use my mobile’s charger for my trimmer too. 

    It only comes with to adjustable guards but for this price, it’s ok!

  • Matt Hernandez

    Nicely designed, removable blades, easily washable. 

    The only downside may be the lack of an adaptor. However, you probably have a USB charger already, if you are over 24 yo!!

    So buy it.

  • Brian M. Walker

    I saw the reviews on tiktok and I decided to give it a chance. It works great for private parts if you’re ok with some stubble being left. I don’t use it for upper body but I think it’ll work well for that too.

  • Mike Webster

    Didn’t cut or pull my skin in the first use! I don’t like my balls go bald so I use the clipper attachment and it performs well. 

    Also, the built quality is awesome compared to my old trimmers. The design also makes the trimmer a perfect fit for the hand. 

    It has become an essential tool that goes wherever I go.

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What is a trimmer used for?‎

Trimmers are made for more sensitive body parts. You can
also use them to work on finer details of beard or hair.

Which is better trimmer or shaver?‎

For shaping and styling your body and face hairs, trimmers
are the best. Also, if you want to groom down there, shavers can cause nicks
and cuts. However, Trimmers’ gentle blades will make sure nothing happens to
your precious parts.

Can I use trimmer to remove pubic hair?‎

Ball trimmers for men and bikini trimmers for women are specifically
designed with SkinSafe Technology for delicate areas.

Where are trimmers used?‎

Trimmers are designed for the groin area, the back of the
neck, around the ears and around sideburns for edging, light shaping,
outlining, and so on.

Is trimmer used for shaving?‎

Trimmers are for people who are prone to acne break out and
are looking for a safe alternative for shavers and razors.

Does trimmer make skin dark?‎

The rubbing action of blades on the skin can cause minor
skin discoloration. However, trimmers won’t shave close to the skin and, as a
result, are safe from “hyper-pigmentation.”

Can I use a trimmer for underarms?‎

Underarm hair is the best home for odor-causing bacteria.
So, trimming the area every 2-3 weeks and keeping the hair as short as possible
will prevent B.O. for good.

How men should trim their private area?‎

• Wash your skin with lukewarm water before trimming.‎
• Groom the area with smooth, ever strokes.‎
• Wash your trimmer after every 3-4 strokes.‎
• Apply a moisturizer or lotion after you’re done.‎

Does using trimmer increase hair growth?‎

In short, no. After each trimming your hairs may seem
thicker as they grow out. But that’s only because they haven’t been exposed to
sun rays, yet. They’ll become thinner as they grow gradually.