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All you need to know about shaving vs. trimming

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We have been in the 21st century for over 20 years, and many things have changed. Ever since technology evolved, social media have influenced people in terms of clothing, hobbies, and even their way of thinking. However, some things have not changed much because nobody talks about them, like shaving vs. trimming and how men should take care of their body hair.

In the past, men’s body bush was a sign of strength. But now, this concept has changed, and a clean, handsome man is usually hairless on social media. Although it’s now more of a personal choice to get rid of the body’s hair, both men and women are more interested in doing so. Because it makes cleaning the body much easier; also, dirt and particles won’t get stuck in your curly bush and cause many infections and other problems.

Whether you want to get rid of the face, chest, butt, or groin bush, it’s up to you. But, it’s important to know the difference between shaving and trimming to do it correctly. Both methods have pros and cons, so it is important to weigh them before deciding.

Keep reading to find out whether to choose to shave or trim when grooming different body parts.

Shaving vs trimming body hair

Let’s see how shavers and trimmers for men are different from each other, and then we’ll get to a tutorial on what to choose when it comes to face, groin, back, or chest grooming. 


If you want clean, hairless skin in no time, you can use a shaver. Shaver usually has sharper blades, making it a quick and easy way to get a clean shave. It is also less time-consuming than trimming, leading to a more professional appearance. 

However, as shavers’ blades touch your skin repeatedly when cutting your beard or body hair, they can irritate your skin and cause razor burn. In addition to that, we all know how scary it can be to use sharp blades near your private part. The least it can cause is nicks and cuts on your two big friends.


Trimming is the safest way to groom your hair. The blades are not too sharp to irritate your skin. It’s the main shaving vs. trimming difference. Moreover, trimmers don’t groom as close as shavers. 

As a result, trimmers are your best choice if you like to grow a beard and maintain just a little bit of your body hair.

On the other hand, trimming is more time-consuming than shaving if you are grooming thick hair. However, don’t forget that some sensitive body parts, such as your testicles, require more time and patience to groom. So, don’t rush into it in the shower; take as much as you need to trim your bits safely.

beard trimming for handsome male by barber


Shaving vs trimming pros and cons

In the following, we have laid out some advantages and disadvantages of shaving vs. trimming so that you can decide whether using a razor or electric razor is better for you or a trimmer.

Pros of shaving

  • Takes less time. Sharp blades cut hair without putting in too much effort or time. It’s more suitable for a busy schedule. Your hair also takes more to grow back when you don’t use guards.
  • The hair comes off more easily. Removing hair is much easier by using a razor as it comes out by the first touch.
  • Using facial skin care products is no longer a waste of time. It doesn’t matter whether you use a trimmer or shaver; cutting your facial hair can make skin care products more effective. With a beard, they can’t penetrate your skin and can’t supply the necessary nourishment.
  • Works best when combined with trimming. Even if you like to grow a beard, it’s necessary to have a close shave in some areas to make your beard seem tidier and more stylish. For example, suppose you trim your neck or cheeks. In that case, the hair will still be visible, but shaving those areas is better for your appearance and becoming irresistible to women.

Cons of shaving

  • Can’t style your beard or the hair of your other body parts with shavers. So, there isn’t plenty of options available when shaving.
  • You may come across red bumps and skin irritation. As razors close shave and move along your skin several times, they are more likely to cause irritation, itchiness, and other discomforts that come with them.
  • It’s more likely to cause nicks and cuts. If your skin is soft or the shaver’s blades are too sharp, nicks and cuts are common. Shaver can also cause bleeding through hair follicles if your skin is thin or if you put too much pressure on the razor when shaving. 

Pros of trimming

Apescape trimmer

  • Improves your overall appearance. Trimmer is a perfect tool for getting rid of the unequal hair length and achieving the facial appearance you always wanted. In addition, you can use it to style your beard in the way you like in less than 30 minutes.
  • Helps you look more professional and fashionable. Whether you like to attract women or attend a business meeting, a well-groomed and trendy beard can help you stand out as a gentleman
  • Won’t cut your skin or irritate it. As we mentioned, trimmers are gentler on the skin and won’t cause any harm to your sensitive areas. It’s especially recommended for grooming your groin area.
  • Makes your hair softer and your beard fuller. Unlike shaving, trimming softens the skin and hair. Also, it can bring about a thicker and fuller beard or mustache.

Cons of trimming

Trimmer doesn’t have any cons as they are not invasive. However, some products may misfunction as a result of bad manufacturing. So, it’s essential to do your research before purchasing a trimmer.

On the other hand, growing a beard can also have its disadvantages. As it’s harder to clean, food particles would get stuck in your facial hair, and it’s not easy to maintain, and so on.

How to trim or shave different body parts

So, now you understand that in the case of using an electric shaver or trimmer, the only difference between shaving vs. trimming is their blades. So, whatever your choices are when grooming, let’s see how you should start shaving or trimming based on your body parts. 


When shaving or trimming your facial hair, it’s vital to have a dedicated device so as not to transfer the infection to your sensitive parts. You don’t want to spread containment all over your body. So separate the razor or trimmer you use for your face from your other parts. (especially down the basement)

If you want to look more handsome, we recommend growing your jawline hair longer than other parts to make it look sharper. You can read more about how to trim your face here. But here are a few points for a start:

  1. Wash your face with natural soap and lukewarm water.
  2. If you want to style, comb your facial hair down and trim it. If not, start by cutting the down part little by little at a time till reaching the skin.

If you want to prevent razor burn, it’s important to shave or trim while your skin is still wet and use a moisturizer or hydrating lotion afterward


Some guys like to shave their chest completely, such as athletes, while others prefer leaving a stubble to keep things under control. Whatever your presences are, grooming the chest is the easiest part of shaving or trimming.

If you have someone who loves cuddling on your chest, we suggest completely cutting the unruly bush down there. Believe me, no women like sucking your hair up their nose unless they are somehow into that. So, cut the thicket to give your girl the green light to jump up to your arms.

Unless it’s a direct request from your girl, shaving your chest, belly, and the happy trail is not recommended. Instead, put a guard on your shaver to not close shave or use a trimmer to boost the process.

man shaving his chest hair using an electric trimmer


Shaving or trimming your butt is just as necessary as your other body parts. Nobody likes to comb her partner’s butt hair into a ‘do. So, do whatever you can to focus on one cheek at a time and trim that hairy butt. You can also do your partner a favor and let her help you trim that butt of yours :D

After trimming, don’t forget to dry it with a towel and then use a moisturizer or hydrating cream to prevent redness or irritation.

It’s time to hit the balls!

Don’t worry; I don’t mean literally! Just like your face, chest, back, and butt, grooming your groin area is essential. You like a clean and hairless groin in women, right? So as your girl! Not you’re your girl would appreciate it if you start shaving or trimming your balls and pubic area, but it helps you improve your hygiene and health. 

However, as the skin is thin and sensitive in that area, using a razor or sharp-bladed shaver is like a nightmare. If your hand trembles a little and you cut the area, there will be no way back from the pain and regret.

That’s why trimmer is your best choice before losing your guts for good. If you like to make the basement tastier, don’t forget to use ball deodorant after getting dry. Ball deodorant helps with the smell and prevents excess sweat.

Which is better, shaving or trimming? Final thoughts

When people ask about the difference between shaving and trimming, we can lay out a long list to answer that. However, when it comes to deciding which is better, it’s not easy to answer as it depends on personal preferences and the body part you want to groom.

You can trim your face if you like to grow a beard or want to leave a small amount of it on your face. On the other hand, you can shave if your skin is not sensitive and you like it to be as soft and smooth as a baby. However, it's important not to close shave when grooming body parts, especially down the basement. It may cause an itchy feeling in your pubic area and make you uncomfortable and irritated.

So, decide which one to use based on the body part you are grooming and how you like it.

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