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Complete Manscaping Guide | Secrets to look the best

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The fact that you are on this page shows you are not a strong fan of looking like a hairy caveman. I mean, this is the 21st century, for god’s sake! Unless your girl is into sucking your hairy chest up her nose, it’s not what most people prefer. Nowadays, almost 72 percent of men are grooming their chest and back. About 73 percent said they started grooming below the belt when they read a manscaping guide.

Well, I know manscaping different body parts might be challenging and time-consuming. That’s why it’s hard for most men to use a body hair trimmer every week. So here we are to teach you the simplest ways to manscape. Read on to this manscaping guide if you want to learn how to quit being a caveman and start a manly routine once and forever. 

Who said a hairy bear is not hot?

a polar bear waving hand

Many think that manscaping means trimming your pubic hair and those two big friends of yours down there. No! That’s not all. Maybe this definition was true back in the 90s, but nowadays, the standards have changed, and many men and women would prefer a hairless body. Yeah, you heard it right; PREFER. 

There’s no set of rules telling you removing your body hair is a must. Some men look better when they grow a beard or leave their bush to grow longer, while others look more attractive when they clean-shave their whole body. So, although it’s not all about appearance and what society prefers, many people’s mindset has changed towards men’s grooming. This is because of the influence of actors and athletes we see every day on television. 

As athletes started to shave and trim their bodies in order to act better, people grew fond of manscaping. The actors soon followed suit, and manscaping became a trend. Soon after that, people got familiar with deodorants, especially ball deodorants, and started using them to have a nice natural scent all the time.

However, this manscaping guide is not about what’s the trend and what is not; rather, it will help you maintain your hygiene and keep your body clean and healthy. 

Why should I start manscaping anyways?

Having a manscaping routine will guide you with your personal relationships as well as attract the girl you always wanted (Unless the caveman is her type). In addition to that, it has many other benefits, such as:

Keeps your body Clean

The days that grandpas believed body hair grows to keep your skin warm passed a long time ago. Yeah, the hair could warm up the body back in the days when clothes were yet to be invented. It even helped our ancestors survive the harsh weather of winters.

a hairy man taking off his shirt to perform a manscaping guide

But today, we are living in a whole new era. Now that we are safe from freezing weather and our bodies have become quite sensitive and weaker than our ancestors’, manscaping body hair is better for your health than keeping it. This is because our body is more sensitive.

Our body has become weaker against bacteria. On the other hand, washing your body has become more difficult and time-consuming when there are so many hairs on your way. For this reason, today, body hair does not only mean a better appearance but also shows a cleaner and more hygienic body.

Hurts less

How many times have you snagged your pubes or bits on a zipper? Don’t make me start with the itchy feeling downstairs! God knows that’s annoying. Well, the only way to get rid of that is by learning the manscaping secrets. Of course, some of you lazy ones may say shaving takes a lot of time, and the nicks and cuts hurt more.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. After reading our men’s grooming guide, you’ll learn all the tips and tricks to a better and easier manscaping.

General rules of manscaping guide

If you want to have a better experience with men’s grooming and prevent aftershave itching, there are some general rules you can follow before and after manscaping: 

Get wet

You should get wet and cleanse your body with a natural soap designed for men. Getting wet is so sexy. Maybe you can also lure your girl into the shower to help you manscape and make it more fun! Of course, first, cleanse your body with a natural aromatic soap; your girl may even come to you without asking.

a man looking shocked while water is running down his face

Okay, let’s get back to the point. Cleansing your body before trimming will kill the bacteria, and the warm water will open up your pores. As a result, the hair will come off easily as it gets softer. Also, when the hair is removed with ease, the skin won’t get scratched, and you’ll never get red bumps or feel itchy after.

One tool for all, What a dream!

There’s one thing common in every manscaping guide you see: using the right tools. 

The tools you use make a big difference in how you feel afterward, how long grooming takes, and how satisfied you’ll be with your body. What I mean is if you constantly cut yourself or your hair doesn’t get shaved properly, it’s the tools to blame.

It’s obvious that some areas, such as the groin area, are more sensitive and need gentler tools such as trimmers. Using a razor or sharp-bladed shaver will only hurt you and make you sick of all the men’s grooming guides. So, pay attention to the blades and overall performance of the tools you buy. If it’s causing inflammation on your skin, you should consider switching to a more gentle-bladed trimmer. If you don’t know the difference between a trimmer and a shaver, read here.

Moreover, use different tools when it comes to grooming your face and bits. Don’t assume one tool will do it all. You can use a ball trimmer for the basement, chest, and happy trail. Then another for your other parts. 

Zach Galifianakis movie scene

Stretch that sexy butt before trimming

One of the simplest secrets of our manscaping guide is to always stretch the skin before moving the trimmer over it. Not only your butt but also the whole groin area. Overall, it’s better to stretch the skin wherever you feel it’s hard to trim or the part has saggy and loose skin.

Trim or shave in the direction of hair

Some people like to shave close to the skin so that no sign of hair remains. As a result, it becomes easier and more satisfying to shave against the direction of the hair. Well, if you don’t want to get red bumps or ingrown hair, you should stop doing so. First of all, use a body hair trimmer instead of a shaver. Trimmers for men won’t get close to your skin and, as a result, don’t cause nicks and cuts or ingrown hair.

Also, stop trimming in several directions over and over again. Trim in the direction of hair growth in even strokes.

Hydrate the skin after trimming 

If you want to have smooth and soft skin so that your partner can get enough of it, start using moisturizers and hydrating lotions. I know what you may think right now. You’re convincing yourself that aftershave creams are good enough for you.

Well, those creams will dry out your skin and only make it worst. But hydrating lotions, especially ball lotion, will ease your skin and prevents any kind of irritation manscaping might bring about.

Use deodorant and never smell like an onion again!

Using a natural deodorant is a must for every man out there. Especially if you sweat a lot or everyone is constantly complaining about your body odor, it’s time to start using a manly deodorant before everybody loses their sense of smell!

Moreover, if you want to go beyond and smell like the heavens, using a ball spray will bring that about. It’s an add-on for your girl to find you tastier than ever. In addition to that, ball deodorant would decrease excess sweating and prevents bacteria from thriving on your private parts. As a result, not only will you have fresh balls, but you will also live a healthy, disease-free life.

Don’t wear it tight

Wearing tight boxers is not a good idea at all, let alone wearing them after manscaping family jewels. This manscaping guide is not just for the groin area, but wearing tight shirts and pants can also cause itching and a red rash on the skin. So, always go with cotton or silk clothing in order to prevent any after-trimming discomfort.

Manscaping guide for different parts of the body

There are some places that a man’s grooming is recommended, some places that are based on your preference, and some that you should never, ever think about. So, read on to find out where you can start manscaping and how.


a man with a ball-shaped beard

It doesn’t matter whether you like a clean shave or like to grow a beard; you need to have a trimmer for your face alone. You can use it to cut off the whole thing or cut short, uneven hairs. However, many guys don’t pay enough attention other than the beard area on their face, nose, and ears.

Guys pay attention to popping out nose hairs and groom them regularly. The same goes for the ears. No one should be able to see your ear or nose hair. If they are in sight, it’s time to get manscaping more seriously. And unless you want to scream around the house and twist your body in a failed attempt to ease the pain, you’d better use a trimmer for these parts and forget about tweezers.


Brows are one of those preferred ones. If you like to be more attractive and manscape those fuzzy fellas, I should warn you it’s one of the hardest parts. Because eyebrows are one of the few first things, one would see on your face. 

So, use a tweezer to pull out a hair or two of under brows or the whole unibrow if necessary. Otherwise, just use a trimmer for men and cut off uneven hairs carefully. Use a soft comb or old toothbrush to brush your brows upward before trimming. Don’t use a trimmer for unibrows or parts of your brows other than cutting short the hair.


Henry Cavil shirtless with a black neckless

For the chest, you can use a razor or shaver to clean-shave the whole area. However, if you like to be more attractive and irresistible to women, according to a survey, women find a hairy chest more attractive than a smooth chest.

Many women said the natural stream of hair on the body, popularly known as the tiger line, is certainly a turn-on for them. You can find proof of that in Hugh Jackman's Instagram page and how women react to his body in the Wolverine movie. So, if you like to look like that, use a trimmer to cut your hair short and style them in the way you want.

Men’s grooming chest area is the same as manscaping other parts and even easier. As the chest skin is thicker than the other areas on this manscaping guide. So, it’s easier to groom without getting irritated. However, if you like a close-shaved body, it’s better to first trim the hair short and then shave to prevent irritation.

Groin area

When it comes to manscaping the pubic area or balls, it actually doesn’t matter what you like! Don’t ever close shave these areas because razors or sharp-bladed razors would only cause nicks and cuts. Or worst, they can cause some serious irritations and rashes. 

Always use a proper trimmer for men to groom the area. And never rush into that. Take as much time as needed to manscape your bush and family jewels. 

Bottom line

a man looking happily wearing a purple suit

Men’s grooming is not rocket science. Everyone who likes to look clean and maintain their hygiene can set up a routine and follow it. However, this manscaping guide is not for ordinary people. It’s for the legendary man who wants to become his best self. 

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