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How to grow and style a beard | complete guide

Lucy Howard

First, I should tell you that growing a beard is not easy, at least for some men. Learning how to grow a beard faster and thicker depends on how committed you are to doing so. It’s going to take a lot of time and effort to clean it, take care of it, and even trim it every once in a while so it grows naturally.

So, if you are ready to commit to a routine and spend some time and money to grow the perfect beard, let’s get started.

The basics of how to grow a beard faster

There are some basics you need to go over before growing a beard. 

Have a plan

Before learning all the tips and tricks of how to grow a beard thicker and faster, you need to have an idea of what you want:

  • What are your purposes for growing a beard? 

  • What do you expect it to turn out at the end?

  • What shapes and styles do you like?

  • Can your facial shape and hair meet your expectations?

It’s important to be realistic about what kind of beard you can grow, not just what you want. For example, you can’t grow a Jason Momoa beard overnight (I mean, it’s Jason Momoa, guys!)

If you want the best results, you shouldn’t compare your beard with others; instead, work with what you have and maximize your own beard's potential. 

Understand your potential

You already know how your beard will grow even though you have never had a beard before. Look at how far your whiskers grow down your neck and in what direction. Also, as a result of a few days of stubble, you may know how fast your facial hair grows and whether it comes in patchy or full

If you have patchy hair, it means that you need to grow your beard long so that it looks full and thick. On the other hand, if you are a fast grower, you need to use a gentle body hair trimmer more often.

Healthy skin, healthy beard

The secret to a better beard is to have a skincare routine. Wait, what? Believe it or not, your skin is the root of your hair. And when it comes to beards, skin, and hair are even more intertwined than we think.

So, healthy skin leads to a healthy beard. Use natural products to keep your skin clean and see how fast the growing beard process will improve.

Choose your style based on your face shape

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Remember we talked about whiskers and how they determine your way of growing a beard? The same rule goes for your face shape. You should assess your face before considering how to grow a beard thicker and faster. Also, you are growing a beard to enhance or change your appearance. So, don’t neglect this step.

So, take a long at the mirror and consider your face’s overall shape:

  • A long beard will look good on a round face (If you plan on making your face look longer and leaner, trim the sides of your beard short.) 

  • An oval face shape can look angular and wider if you leave the sides and trim the bottom. 

  • And at last, if you have one of those rare squared faces, trim rounded angles to make your face seem rounder.

Be patient

The last thing you should go over before learning how to grow a beard faster and thicker is to have patience. It’s probably the most challenging part of growing a beard but the most necessary one. You should know that even if your beard grows fast, it will not look good in the first few weeks. So, you should resist the urge to trim your beard during the initial growth stages.

You may look in the mirror and find it was not as you imagined. Well, it happens to all guys before their beard gets to the stage of shaping and grooming. Stay home for a week or so if you are not confident about going out with your half-grown beard. Then, after your beard starts to fill out, you can see the results of your patience in no time. 

So, hang in there and let it grow more.

How to grow a beard faster and thicker like a pro

a man measuring his beard

You need to do some things before and after growing a beard to make it look how you want it. So, follow each step carefully:

Shave before growing

A close shave will make your beard grow faster, at least for the first weeks. Many believe that it can stimulate hair follicles to grow out. However, a close shave can also cause ingrown hair. So, if you have previously experienced ingrown hair, use a hair trimmer to groom the area. Trimming is also a safer option to prevent acne and other skin problems, some of which lead to severe itching.

After grooming, don’t forget to take a before and after photo. Then, whether you go with a close shave or trimming, don’t forget the pre-manscaping rules:

  1. Clean your face with a soap or cleanser to soothe the skin and hair.
  2. Apply enough amount of shaving cream to your face.
  3. Start shaving or trimming in the direction of the hair.
  4. Take your time while grooming to avoid nicks and cuts.
  5. Use an alcohol-free lotion or natural moisturizer to hydrate your skin and prevent red bumps.

Although if you are one of those lucky guys who can grow a beard in a couple of days with no effort, you don’t need to shave or clean your face. Just go for it. 

Let it grow for at least 60 days

As I said in the first part of the article, you can use a trimmer to style your beard. However, don’t use it for at least two months after growing. You must see how your beard grows and decide what shape suits your appearance best. The more hair there is, the more option you have to shape it.

So, wait as long as possible to see its full growth before shaping. Don’t worry about patchy areas because they’ll look fuller as the beard grows.

Clean and brush your beard regularly

So far, you have learned how to grow a beard faster and thicker. Although some products can help you enhance your beard's appearance, you can also do it naturally. First, feeling itchy and irritated while the beard grows is natural. To reduce this feeling, you need to wash your beard up to your skin just like you wash your hair.

Use a natural and alcohol-free cleanser to wash your beard regularly. If it is too thick, use a conditioning shampoo to make your hair softer and easier to brush. After your beard gets dry, softly brush it from the down part and get a bit up each time.

Determine your beard line

As your beard gets to an appropriate length, you must decide where the lines need to be. For example, determine where your neckline should fall; an inch above or below Adam’s Apple?

Imagine what it would look like if you drew a ‘U’ shaped line from one ear to the other. Then decide where you want your bottom line to be. How crisp you keep those lines is up to you; however, always keep the cheeks hair-free. That’s the only way it can show you have a beard rather than telling others you are a caveman who never shaves.

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