Penis Facts: Penis Size Standard Deviation

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If you’ve been a guy with a penis your whole life, you may think you know everything about a penis. Well, you don’t! Surprisingly, many men don’t even know the penis size standard deviation. That’s why nowadays, what media have shown them of a normal men’s body made men believe their penis size is not standard. 

Many even try different methods and surgeries to make their penis look like what is thought normal. Well, here we are to tell you everything you need to know about your penile area and put an end to this false illusion about what is normal and what’s not.

Let’s dive into some mind-blowing penis facts without further ado.

First things first: What is penis size standard deviation?


According to a study in 1996, a guy’s part average flaccid size is 8.8 cm, and erect length is 12.9 cm. In the U.S., the average erect size is about 5 inches. 

Overall, men should only consider penile enlargement surgery or other lengthening procedures if their flaccid size is 1.5 inches or less (4 cm or less) and erect penis length is less than 3 inches (7.5 cm). Otherwise, don’t worry about it. If your penis is average-sized but still affects your self-confidence, consider visiting a psychologist. Talking with your partner about your concerns can also help.

But here’s a rule of thumb: trimming your pubic and ball hair can make it stand out more. Using a gentle ball trimmer and manscaping regularly will make a huge difference. Do whatever that’ll make you feel good about downstairs. Use a ball deodorant and keep it fresh during the day, especially if you are going on a date and want to make the area irresistible to women.

A “grower” is what counts, not a “show-er”

Guys, there is no correlation between the size of the flaccid penis and a fully erect penis. A flaccid penis length to erect can range from a quarter-inch to 3.5 inches longer. On the other hand, a guy’s large flaccid penis length doesn’t determine a bigger erection than a guy whose penis looks small.

In fact, a study shows that shorter flaccid penises tend to gain about twice as much length as longer flaccid penises. So, you can never guess a penis size from its flaccid length.

You need to use it or you’ll use it


Like other body parts that grow stronger and healthier when you work on them and care about them, your penis needs to be kept in shape. Your penis size standard deviation can change by special exercises. How? First of all, it needs regular erections, which causes blood to rush into your veins and carry oxygen to the penis muscles.

Although you don’t need to worry about it and force yourself to get hard during the day, men’s brain has an automatic function for penis maintenance. So, if an erection doesn’t happen during the day, you’ll get hard while sleeping. It is called “REM,” a phase of sleep that causes the penis to get erect. So, regardless of what dreams you have, a sexy one or a scary one, you’ll get hard during the REM phase.

If you don’t get hard from time to time, penile tissue will shrink and become less elastic. As a result, it’ll become 1 inch or half an inch shorter. 

Women do care about the size


According to a survey, women do care about man’s size. But don’t get me wrong, not the size of the penis, but the size of your body overall. A man with an average penis size will win a woman’s heart if he is tall and in shape. Conversely, a short and less fit guy will undoubtedly lose it regardless of how big his penis is. 

So, worrying about penis size standard deviation won’t help if you want to attract a woman's attention. But working on your body to get fit and care for your appearance will go a long way. Women do care about how your face and body look rather than how your genital area appears to be. So, use a hair trimmer regularly and use cosmetic products, such as natural underarm and ball deodorant, to look good and smell fresh.

Penis curve is harmless

Some men have a condition in which their erect penis curves to the left or right. It is not a disease or something you need to worry about. A slight angle to the right or left is entirely harmless. However, a more than 15 degrees curvature can be concerning as it may show a condition called “Peyronie’s disease” or, in short, PD. 

Although penile deformity only happens to 2-9% of men, it can lead to pain and sexual disability. In addition, a study showed that it could affect men’s quality of life and lead to emotional and relationship problems. So, if you are suffering from this problem or your slight curve negatively affects your life, consider visiting a medical and surgical therapist.

Not all lumps and bumps are harmless

You may experience lumps and bumps on your penis throughout your life. While these are normal and appear on most men’s genitals, talking to a medical professional will be worthwhile if they don’t go away within a week.

Don’t forget that penile skin is like your face and body. As a result, it can have the same conditions, such as eczema and vitiligo.

You can actually break your penis

Have you been worrying about penis size standard deviation? Here’s some horrible news: The longer it is, the more probable it becomes for you to break it. Hurts right?

Although it’s rare, it usually happens to men who have a stressful sexual relationship. According to a survey of 16 men who broke their penis at least once, 8 had extra-marital affairs. About 13 of them had sex in an unusual place, car, elevator, or work. They all reported hearing a crack-like sound and feeling unbearable pain.


Appearance is not all

Instead of thinking about penis size standard deviation, take blew-the-belt problems more seriously. Have a hygiene routine, use products like ball deodorant to prevent excess sweating and joy itch, change your underwear every day, and at last, visit a doctor if you feel anything suspicious happening down there.

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