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What is the purpose of male pubic hair?

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Have you ever become so tired of pubic hair and its unpleasant appearance that you wondered what’s its purpose exactly? Why do we have pubic hair, and why do we need to trim it over and over again? Wasn’t it better if it didn’t exist in the first place?

Or maybe you want to find out about pubic hair purposes to convince yourself not to trim it ever again. So, when your partner asks why you don’t care about grooming, you can name reasons to cover your laziness. Either way, yes, pubic hair has a purpose, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trim it. 

Trimming the area is a matter of personal hygiene that we’ll lay out later. But first, let’s see what’s the purpose of them and why they grow after puberty, not when we are born. 

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Why do we have pubic hair?

Pubic hair has several purposes, many of which link to human evolution. For example, body hair helped keep humans warm when they lived in caves and didn’t have  proper clothes. In this regard, pubic hair has a significant role in keeping the genital area warm and maintaining sexual arousal.

Some call it “dry lubricant,” as rubbing the hair on hair during sexual activity is easier than rubbing bare skin. So, back then, these annoying strands played a vital role in maintaining the human race. However, nowadays, our lifestyle has changed. Now people live in warm houses, wear woolen clothes, and follow different patterns to form their lives. Our lifestyle changed, and so did our bodies. That’s why we have less amount of body hair than our ancestors.

According to a study, nowadays that we are exposed to social media and pornography, the people’s mind has changed. Pubic hair has no impact on our sexual performance. But many men and women showed increased sexual sensation and satisfaction when their partner’s groin area was smooth.

Does pubic hair have other purposes?

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In addition to what we mentioned before, pubic hair has other purposes. Although there are no scientific reasons to answer “why do we have pubic hair” overall, these theories have been among people for years:

  • Keeps bacteria away from our sensitive parts: well, as your eyelashes protect your eyes from dirt and pollutants, your pubic hair does the same thing for your private area.
  • Shows puberty and one’s ability to reproduce: in the past, and even in some cultures right now, pubic hair was a sign of puberty. People searched for their mates among those who had already grown pubic hair and were ready to have babies.
  • Traps Pheromone and attracts sex partners: another myth about pubic hair purposes is its ability to trap pheromone. A pheromone is a signal out of the body that attracts partners by triggering hormonal or behavioral change.

What if I have too much hair OR none at all?

First of all, there’s no such thing as too much hair. If your friends are less hairy than you are, it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you or you have too much hair. The amount of hair, its thickness, or even its location on the body is different from one person to another. 

However, if a man doesn’t have any hair or very little hair in the pubic area, it can mean that the level of testosterone, also known as sex hormones, is lower than usual in his body. This condition can lead to low sex drive or erectile dysfunction. 

On the other hand, some women that ask, “why do we have pubic hair” may suffer from a condition in which they grow excessive pubic hair. This shows their testosterone level is somewhat more than normal. This is a sign of PCOS condition.

Unless you are suffering from any of these conditions, having more body hair than your counterparts is normal.

I’m a happy caveman; why should I trim pubic hair anyway?!

Well, you don’t have to. Using a pubic hair trimmer is totally up to you. However, there are some reasons why, nowadays, the majority of men use a body hair trimmer and like to remove their body hair:

  • Social influence: what we see a lot these days is the picture of men with the perfect body, all without hair. Being exposed to such images during the past few years has changed our mindset into thinking that a hairless body is more attractive.
  • Partner preferences: just be honest, would you prefer a hairy partner or a well-groomed one? If you like your girl to be clean-shaven, SO DOES SHE! Partner preferences are the most influential factor that makes men trim their pubic area and balls. Many men also use ball deodorant to make the basement look smoother and smell better in order to stay healthy and impress their significant other.
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  • Better sex: a recent study shows that there’s a direct link between trimming groin hair and sexual function. Both men and women reported that they had more sensation during sexual activity after removing pubic hair. 

Bottom line

Usually, when we are tired of the annoying hair on our groin area, the first question that pops up is: why do we have pubic hair? What are pubic hair purposes? Of course, now you know that it’s part of human evolution and is no longer a necessity for human existence.

As a result, it’s up to you whether to remove it or let it be. However, if you decide to go bare and have a smooth, itch-free body, you can learn how to use a pubic hair trimmer and even how to manscape your whole body in the links below:



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